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bagel culture.

bagel culture? wtf is that?

bagel culture is...

arguing with your friends, not about *what* to eat for breakfast, but *which bagel spot* you'll go to.

being excited to go into the office on friday because it means free bagels!! (bagel fridays are really a thing!) 

knowing that going to the airport means getting a preflight bagel.

meeting your friends in the university library with bagels to cram before finals.

nearly crying for joy when your hungover eyes see a greasy B.E.C. (bacon, egg, and cheese).

sending or receiving a "going for a bagel run... you want something?" text more times than you can count.

lowkey judging someone for their whack bagel order (lookin' at you, cynthia nixon).

knowing that a road trip is not complete without a box of bagels.

cinnamon raisin authentic american bagels.  from rhodo bagels in lisbon lisboa. raffi's ba
delicious rhodo bagels.  authentic american bagels in lisbon lisboa raffi's bagels

if you grew up in the northeast of the u.s. (or even if not), it's likely that the word "bagel" conjures up more than just thoughts of delicious carby goodness.  it also brings a sense of nostalgia and feeling of home.

at rhodo, we want to share that love with everyone and spread the sentiment of togetherness by bringing our traditions and recipes from the u.s. to lisbon.

so, we present our bagels, thoughtfully crafted with the best ingredients, with love to you. 

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