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rhodo bagels provides the best authentic, american bagels in lisbon.

authentic american bagels.
handcrafted, slow-fermented.


real bagels have arrived in lisbon.

at rhodo we do things the old school way.  our high quality, high gluten dough is slowly fermented to ensure chewy, authentic american bagels with plenty of nooks and cranies to fill with schmear.  after handshaping the dough, our little bagel babies are gently boiled in water with organic barley malt.  this gives them that unique bagel-y flavor that we all love.  next, they're topped with the fixins', baked, and sent with love to you.

we're bringing bagel culture to lisbon.

italy has coffee culture...

france has wine culture...

the u.s. has bagel culture.

an authentic american bagel with cream cheese and tomato is held in Lisbon Lisboa
an authentic american bagel with avocado is held in Lisbon Lisboa
an authentic american bagel with cream cheese, tomato and onion is held in Lisbon Lisboa

fresh bagels.  delivered to your doorstep.

a poppyseed rhodo autthentic american bagel in lisbon lisboa_edited.png
onde comprar bagels em lisboa. authentic american bagels from rhodo bagels.  raffi's bagels
lindy makes bagels.  owner of rhodo bagels in lisbon
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