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about us.

hi, i'm lindy.  the creator of rhodo. 


i'm an east coast u.s. native with a lifelong passion for food.  cooking has always been my love letter to those around me.

my bagel-filled adolescence was spent in new hampshire and i then embarked on a career in fashion in new york and boston.  i quickly burned out and questioned the integrity of the industry i had chosen- so what did i do?  ran away to southest asia, obviously!  after a couple of years in thailand and vietnam i took a leap of faith (or in this case an airplane) and decided to give it a shot in lisbon.  afterall, living in europe had always been my dream.  and a dream it truly was.  

a few of my friends also from far away countries and i began spending our christmas' together in lisbon.  we'd each bring our own family/cultural tradition.  i started making bagels- a tradition that my family started incorporating when my stepdad joined the family.  it wasn't until the third year or so that i had the ah-ha moment.  i missed my family and no longer felt like the u.s. was home.  but i also kinda felt like i didn't belong in the city i now called home.  and i misssseddd bagelsss!!  rhodo revived all of that.  i started baking bagels with fiery purpose until after months of recipe perfecting, i deemed them bagel shop worthy.  i started selling at farmers markets and popups.  i started to feel a new connection with the city of lisbon and it's people.  and also with my loves back home.  my worlds collided in the most beautiful way. 


lindy reid owner of rhodo bagels in lisbon poses with her family in front of rhodo bagel's

what is "rhodo"?

rhodo stands for rhododendron‐ the luscious, purple, flowering bushes that grew in front of my childhood home.

when i was a kid, my mom created a game to keep me and my sister entertained in the car.  whenever we saw rhododendrons we shouted, "PURPLE BUSHES!!!!" and whoever was first won.  to this day, i can't see rhododendrons without internally shouting, "PURPLE BUSHES!!", smiling, and being reminded of my home.

so, rhodo stands for more than just rhododendron.

rhodo stands for home.​

rhodo stands for family.​

rhodo stands for love.

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